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two AM

See what happens when you freewrite drabble at two AM? You get writing like

I know I said I wasn't in love with you, but I am slowly realizing this is not true. I do love you. But I didn't know how to tell you. It wasn't something I could blurt out, after all. I couldn't blurt out "I love you" while you were standing at the party with all your friends. I couldn't say I love you when you were walking to class. I couldn't say I love you when you were sliding into the seat next to me in the lecture hall, late as usual. You would breathlessly ask me if you could please borrow a pen. I couldn't say I loved you when you returned ten pens to me one day because you forgot to return all of them before. I couldn't say I loved you when we had our first date, shared our first kiss, when I murmured your name the first time we made love.I couldn't say I loved you when I slid my cock into your warmth over and over and over again through out our life together. It was on the tip of my tongue to say it the day we got married but by then I thought of course I thought you knew how much I loved you... How could you not? I tried to tell you I loved you when you had our first, second, third babies. Now I am telling you I do love you, and you can not hear me. Your skin is cold and lifeless, but you do know how much I love you, right? Of course you do, how can you not?
Now now now, don't be too harsh, it's late, I'm tired.
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