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a ten minute writing prompt

This was written in ten minutes, to help jump start a story I'm owrking on.

He wanted to see how she lived. Would her house be like his house? He pictured a crusifix on the wall, even though she said she wasn't Catholic, he pictured shag carpetting, but shag was tacky. Why did he picture her with shag carpetting? Shag was just... not her. She was quiet, elegant, but she had an edge to her too. She had a soft voice, but when she talked about Jon, the voice changed, usually because she was clenching her teeth and trying not to curse. She did that for him. She tried not to call him a sonofabitch because of the way he was brought up. She didn't think Catholics swore. But Catholics do swear he wanted to tell her. We swear all the time, just do it on the inside instead of the outside that's all. He drove past her house a few times, wondering if he dared stop by. Was she even home? And if she was... If he peeked in the window, she would never know. She could be standing right in front of him and she would never know. On his third drive-by of the house, he stopped, was that a for-sale sign in the neighbor's front yard? He slowed down for a closer look and realized it was. He pulled the car to the curb, turned off the ignition and got out of the car. He almost ran to the next door neighbor's house, desperate to see if he could get a peek into her life. He walked around the neighbor's house, and as he tried to get a peek into her house, he couldn't do it. The house had heavy curtains, nothing like what he expected it to look like. Why didn't she have light curtains at the windows? Why not? why why why why? This was not her, was it? He wanted to go in her house and propriety held him back. he couldn't discuss his case with her. He had already done that a few hours earlier, and he couldn't think of anything else to add to the case. There was nothing else in the contract he could think of that would help them now. He was just... Desperate to see her. He didn't know why. He didn't know how he would get in, but he would. He would see how she lived, to see how she would assimilate into his life. To see how she would treat their children. they had talked about children, the two of them. She was scared of having children, he could tell he could see it in her eyes. She tried to act like she wasn't scared of having children but when she fidgetted and clasped her hands together and changed the topic, of course she was scared. She tried to act like she wasn't scared of sex,but she was. Behind that worldly fascade, she was terrified. She had been to many places, she acted like she didn't need a man to make her happy and of course maybe she was happy, he had to admit, but he knew she could be much more happy with him.He would show her the pleasures of sex. He would show her where she needed to be touched to truly enjoy sex. he would touch her and massage her clit until she begged him to stop. But that was for another day. He needed to get through this damn lawsuit first. He needed to help her figure out where the chink in the contract lay. And he would, just as soon as he saw this house.

Sorry about any formatting/spelling mistakes, this was just a quick write.
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