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I wrote this as a chalenge to a writing prompt set by a friend.
This was written in twenty minutes, so it might be a bit rough.

Annie was sick of school. Today’s math test had really done her in. She really tried to learn how to do long division, but the numbers made no sense on paper. Her mother had made her practice last night and she told her mom it made sense but when she got into the classroom today, well whatever she had learned had gone out of her head. The numbers began to blur as soon as she saw them.
“How can math be so difficult,” she thought to herself in disgust. “My sister can do math so why can’t I? “I wish I could do math like my sister!”
Now when Annie made that wish, she didn’t know about the Land of Wishes, Dreams, and Fantasy. Many people have known about this land. The houses were build of any material you wanted to build your house out of. The old professor who taught all the young children built his house out of the covers of books. Can you just imagine it? All his walls, both inside and out, were covered with pictures like you see on the front of books. There were titles of his favorite books over his bed, on the ceiling. This presented a problem every once in a while, as on a windy day his house tended to get a bit raggedy. But when the children spotted the cover of the book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, or “The Tale of Two Cities” floating down the street, they would grab it and bring it back to the old professor who would gratefully exult over every lost treasure that was brought to him. It was not uncommon to hear him cry out in delight, “Oh Pip, you’ve come back to me!” This of course was referring to Pip from Great Expectations which happened to be featured very prominently near the professor’s favorite easy chair so he could look at the cover.
Then there was the baker who decided he would make his house out of cakes and other sweet things. At first the townspeople objected to this plan, as they thought the ants and other bugs would overrun his house and theirs. Fortunately, this is the land of Wishes, Dreams and Fantasy so there wasn’t much squabbling. Once the Head Wishmaker, Dream-doer and Fantastical Fantasy Guru found out about the potential squabble with the baker, they simply told him to make his house out of nonsugar products such as bread. That way he would still be surrounded by the things he loved and the ants wouldn‘t attack him. The baker and the townspeople were delighted and cheered as they helped the baker make his house.
Now in the land, there was a boy named Niels. Niels had just started his job as Wish Sorter. Wish Sorters heard all the wishes of young children and decided which wishes went to certain ferries. These ferries were sorted by color. The red ferries went to help people with relationship difficulties: the blue ferries went to help people who were depressed, of course, because depressed people don’t want to see bright cheery people when they are down. And education ferries, like Annie needed, well they were orange. Why orange you ask? Well children who don’t do well in a subject don’t want a plain person teaching them something. They need something which will hold their attention and what better way to do that than a bright orange ferry sitting in front of you?
It so happened that there was a ferry named Libro. Libro was a sweet soul but so klutzy. However, it had been a while since he had toasted the baker’s house, so Niels decided he would assign Libro to Annie’s wish. He sent a memo to Libro that said, “Orange Ferry Needed to Help Miss Annie Walters with Long Division! Status: Urgent! She Has A Test on Friday!”
Libro got his memo and as soon as he did, he flew to Niels’ office. When he landed, he knocked over a lamp, Neil’s lunch, and several files flew off of the desk. Libro’s face turned an even brighter orange than it already was.
“Oh! He gasped. “Please let me help you with that!”
He produced his wand, which had a crack right down the center of it. He waved it and Niels was surrounded by an orange fog.
“Oh no no no!” cried Libro. “Oh let me help you!”
He waved his wand again and mercifully, the fog around Niels dissipated enough that he could at least see where he was going.
“Oh Libro,” he sighed, trying to hold in a grin. “You really must get that wand fixed; I mean this is the third time you have done this to a wish sorter! I mean, it’s really getting ridiculous, don’t you think?”
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I love this!!!
I am thinking about creating one of these for my writings...but...LOL
If nothing else I can get some ofmy poetry out there...
Anyway, I suppose I should stop now. But I didn't know you could write in such divers styles. BTW I liked the story about Snape, too. That was awesome. What a way to picture him...and get tthe thoughts of someone like them. I was wondering if anyone would do that, in the world blind witches and wizards would do that sort of thing...LOL
Anyway...TTYL and keep this up!!!