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the writer's lair

welcome to my desk: where will you go today?

A Writer's Life
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The image of a stereotypical writer is someone hunched over a notebook in a coffee shop, or tucked away at their desk. I'm not saying I have never written in a coffee shop, because I have, but I much prefer to write in quiet places where I won't get interrupted. My desk isn't a conventional one, though. It's anywhere I can rest my computer. Whether that be my couch, an actual desk, my knees in some outdoor setting, or OK, even in a StarBucks near you, this is the fruit of my writing. I write about a variety of things. Fan fiction, yes, I love fan fiction of many sorts, poetry, even erotic poetry at times, although I'll clearly mark it if you choose not to read it, essays, and writing of any other kind is here. Please do not steal any of my stuff, or I will immediately kick you out of my community, no questions asked. Stealing is a terrible cop out. Put that pen to paper or put those keys on the keyboard and see the accomplishment when you bang out your own stuff.
sit back, beverages of your choice are in the kitchen. Enjoy, and constructive criticism is always welcome!